Thinking of selling your house on your own?

This “For Sale by Owner Manual” written by a real estate agent is for you!

My end game is that I don’t have one. Would I like to list and sell your house for you? Absolutely. Would hiring me increase your probability to get more money? You bet it would. Would I weaken your position so mine might rise? Hell no. I live by the win-win principle, all parties benefit and if not, we all lose. I will help you any way I can and if this guide is my only contribution, I am glad to have made one.

In 2022, homes sold by their owners avg $225,000 while agent-assisted homes sold for $345,000. That is nearly 35% less!
FSBO sellers represented 10% of all home sales in 2022. That number is up from 7% in 2021.
Percentage of FSBO properties that sold the first week. (Of those that sold in one week, 80% knew the buyer personally).


Is it not counterintuitive for me to assist a homeowner wants to sell her or his house independent of an agent? Maybe, but maybe not. I explain this in the guide, Download the guide to find out!

Agents will call

The majority of calls you will get about your house will be from real estate agents who want to list it.

The Right Price

The number one killer of top-dollar dreams is overpricing your house!!!

There are no strings attached to “The For Sale by Owner Guide.” No spam emails, no harassing phone calls (from me). But YOU are WELCOME to contact me anytime you have a question

If you want the guide, download the guide. Doing so does not sentence your email inbox to a barrage of spam from me nor does it mean I will make harassing phone calls. That is not my style. However, YOU are WELCOME to call ME anytime for advise or just a simple question about the process. You have my word on that.

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Click the button below and get your pdf now


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