The Real Estate Home Selling Process Explained

Buckle up, because I am also letting you know


There are some things that you need to know before going through the home selling process, and one of them is how much work it can be. You may be surprised by the buying process’s complexity, but don’t count on it being any easier when you’re selling your home. Unfortunately, the home selling process is just as complicated and daunting. Things can get overwhelming quickly if they aren’t done correctly from start to finish!

Researching the best time to sell your home can be tricky. There are many factors that impact when people list their properties, including seasonality and trends in each market you’re interested in selling into – but there’s no one-size fits all answer! To get an idea of what may work well for YOU as a seller with different needs (eagerly waiting on THAT someday sale vs looking at off-market listings), take advantage of some free online research at sites like Zillow or Trulia; utilize their maps and economic reports for recent local sales data, comparable homes, and the demand for homes in your area for starters.