The Commonwealth of Kentucky has some pretty funny laws, including fishing prohibitions and mandatory showers!

If you take a minute to read about your state’s legislature, you’ll find that it has some pretty unusual laws. The fact is that every state in America has its share of unusual laws that are pretty funny. Here are 5 of Kentucky’s funny state laws:

  1. Bow and Arrow
    • Are you into fishing? In that case, we must warn you that it is illegal for Kentucky residents to fish using a bow and arrow!
  2. Showering
    • If you don’t like showering that much, you should probably reconsider moving to Kentucky. According to the law, every person living in Kentucky must shower at least once per year.
  3. Tossing dirty water
    • This law was created back when people would still wash their clothes out in front of their homes. According to the law, it’s illegal to throw out dirty water on the streets.
  4. Snakes in the church
    • It’s kind of hard to point out why this law was created in the first place — but it’s illegal to use snakes or other reptiles during religious services.
  5. Remarrying the same person
    • According to the law in Kentucky, female residents are allowed to marry and remarry the same man three times at most. Why would a couple get divorced and then remarry multiple times? We have no idea!